Few Alert: Rapper Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin — Tagg Mag

Angel Haze is known for the woman critically-acclaimed EP


launched in July 2012. She also got a lot attention in October 2013 whenever she came out together very own freestyle understanding of Macklemore’s „Same Love” included in the woman #30GOLD task.

Today the rapper is actually getting interest on her brand-new relationship with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger’s girl, Ireland Baldwin.

With the rumors swirling around, Haze ultimately exposed about their personal connection. In a job interview with

The Free

, she covers how media doesn’t accept the point that Ireland is obviously the woman gf:

„I am not sure if absolutely like some verify or reject thing making use of means connections work with the media, but every person simply calls you best friends, close friends for life, like we’re just friends going out,” she told The Independent. „It’s amusing. Its rad in certain steps, it sucks in other people.”

She in addition mentioned just how she seems The usa isn’t quite prepared for a high-profile interracial lesbian couple:

„An interracial gay few, after all that is simply unusual for America right now. We f**k and pals never f**k. You will find never ever f**ked certainly my pals. As soon as we view you in that way, it generally does not take place. But we do f**k and it is crazy and that is weird to express because I think about this regarding an audience checking out it and them considering, ‘What the hell?’ But it occurs.”

Many people happen following their own relationship on social media marketing. But some media shops carried on to mention with the set as „BFF’s” or „Friends for a lifetime.” The happy couple has discovered wit for the media thinking that these were merely „close friends,” but Haze provides officially dispelled that myth.


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